The question was posed yesterday at a meeting I attended, “What does pay it forward mean to you?”  That question was rattling around in my brain as I went to Pilates class this morning.  Right in the middle of the class it dawned on me that we all pay forward with whatever is in our minds and our lives – whether it be good or bad.  The Pilates instructor is a healthy, enthusiastic, joyful person who has had the courage to start her own fitness studio.  Her belief in herself and in what she has to offer pays forward to me as I persevere and do the required move those few more times past what I think I can endure.  And, by performing those moves that I thought were impossible, I then believe I am capable of doing many other things I thought I couldn’t do.   Something so simple restores my belief in myself and what I am trying to accomplish.  So today I encourage anyone reading this to take a deep breath, straighten your shoulders, and believe that someone out there needs exactly what you have to offer.  That, to me, is the ultimate pay it forward.
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