Resolutions – most of us make them on January 1 every year, and most of us break them soon after.  My resolutions have always been a list of things I “should” do.  But, this year, I’m starting a new tradition. 
My father passed away right after Thanksgiving.  His death has been very hard on our family because we loved and adored him so much.  But, it has also been a blessing to remember and celebrate a life well lived.  He touched so many people because every day he chose to be a man of integrity, humor and positivity.  So, in the coming year, to emulate and honor my Dad, I plan to order my life in such a way that my life matters and that the people in my life know they matter to me.  And, I want my actions and possessions to aid me in living that way.  Instead of resolutions that are hard to keep, here is my list of reminders to help me stay on track and not lose sight of the important stuff:
  • I will take better care of my body by eating right and exercising so that I feel good and my mind is clearer.  In this way, I can live each day more vibrantly.
  • I will slow down and enjoy the minutes of my life more.  Instead of looking for more activities to fill my day, I will choose joy each day and be open to the happiness that arrives when I least expect it.
  • I will recognize that everything I have requires something from me and I will purge those things that don’t add to my life, put those things in order that do and realize that if it’s worth having, it’s worth taking care of.
  • I will live below my means so that I can break the debt cycle and use my money to give back to the world rather than to pay finance charges.
 My list is short, but my goal is to check it often so that I stay on track and live a simpler, yet fuller year.  I urge you to take some time to reflect on what you want your legacy to be.  Then make a list of reminders to keep you focused.  Let’s make 2011 our best year yet.
Jonie Spetter
Mind Your Ps & Qs