When buying back-to-school supplies, purchase for the full year while everything is on sale.  Also purchase supplies that usually have you running out late one evening to finish a project that’s due the next day.  For me that seemed to be craft sticks and poster board.  Think ahead to save time, energy and frustration.
Set up a specific place and routine for incoming school communications.  An in/out system for permission slips to be signed and information you need to be aware of from school.  Make sure to check the system each day.  Have your calendar handy to note important dates.
For younger children, label drawers specifically for school wear.  As you and your child fold and put away laundry, sort and store clothing as whole outfits to make it easy for your child to get dressed each morning.  No more searching for socks, matching pants, etc.
Provide a space dedicated to homework and study.  This clever desk bed fits the bill perfectly for small rooms.
Keep a master calendar for everyone’s activities.  Use a different colored marker for each person in your family.  Think through dinner routines, carpooling, etc. at the beginning of each week to avoid those stressful, disorganized evenings.
Label a box or tub with each child’s name.  Throughout the school year, place any papers that you deem a keeper in the box.  At least twice a year, have a celebration time with your child by sitting down and going through the box.  Remember the efforts and achievements your child has made.  Then choose a few of the papers for long-term storage and purge the majority.  Remember, when your child is an adult, they won’t want boxes of crayon drawings and spelling tests.  (A clever friend suggested using some of the papers as background pages for scrapbooks.  I think that’s a great idea!)
Establish a morning launching pad.  Before bedtime, make sure everyone has put their shoes, backpacks, sporting equipment, etc. in the launching pad.  This will help everyone blast off on time with minimal stress.

Jonie Spetter
Mind Your Ps & Qs