Thanksgiving is 11 days away.  Are you ready?  Here are 11 things you can do to have a relaxed Thanksgiving.

  1. Write down the menu
  2. Make a list of guests to be invited
  3. Invite guests and determine what each person will bring to the festivities
  4. Make a shopping list and begin buying non-perishables now
  5. Write down a timeline for when food can/should be prepared
  6. Begin preparing and freezing things that can be made ahead
  7. Make a list of chores to be done around the house (guest beds made up, dusting, silver polishing, etc.)
  8. Share the chore list with everyone in your home and determine who will do what, be sure to add a “needs-done-by” date
  9. Finish grocery shopping by Tuesday before Thanksgiving
  10. Set the table the day before
  11. Schedule some down time on Wednesday before Thanksgiving to relax and count your blessings
Enjoy the day!