1. Is the company reputable?
    Check resources like Angie’s List and Houzz to find out what others are saying about the company.
  2. Is the company locally owned?
    Small local businesses are invested in their community and are more likely to strive to earn and keep your trust.
  3. Does the product come with a warranty?
    Find out where the company buys their products and who backs the warranty.
  4. Who will be installing the finished product?
    Find out if the company uses sub-contractors or if the designer will also be the installer.
  5. Does the company utilize software to draw your custom closets?
    Seeing the design in 3D and being able to quickly make changes can really help you visualize the end product.
  6. Does the system offer flexibility?
    A custom closet will fit your needs right now. Make sure the system can be easily adjusted for your future needs and for the needs of a new homeowner should you sell your home.
  7. Does the company offer various color choices and styles?
    You will want to have the opportunity to match other cabinetry and trim in your home.
  8. Does the company offer various hardware choices and accessories?
    The small touches are often the ones that make the system truly usable and custom to your individual needs.
  9. Is the product to be installed safe for the environment and your home?
    Ask what industry standards and certifications are adhered to.
  10. Does the company offer organization for other areas of the home?
    Once your closets are organized, you might be inspired to continue into the garage, pantry, basement, etc.