Give it the makeover it deserves.

What do the following items have in common? A workbench, golf clubs, a fridge, winter boots, paint cans, trash bins and cars—oh my! These are just a few examples of things we might store in our garage. With so many must-haves in this important storage area, it’s easy to see how it can look and feel like a tornado has ripped through it and over time grow into a place you don’t recognize. Keeping your garage organized and efficient is not for the faint of heart, but there are steps to take and storage systems available that will give you an efficient and stylish space that is simple to use and easy to love.

BEEP BEEP BEEP  Make room for your car!

It’s time to take stock. Prioritize. What storage purposes do you want your garage to serve? Will you be storing items for various holidays? How about all those outdoor activities like camping or golfing? Need a place for soccer shoes and football cleats? What about a workbench, tool storage or mudroom lockers? And don’t forget your cars, too!

Your garage has been in hibernation for far too long. Time to organize.
Once you’ve prioritized your needs and goals, take some time to go through each and every item. Below are some suggestions:

  • Take everything out of the entire area.
    • TIP: Have a designated spot large enough to give you ample room to sort and categorize.
  • Arrange for safe disposal of outdated hazardous materials, like paint, cleaning chemicals, or batteries.
    • TIP:The EPA has more information on proper disposal of hazardous materials here
  • Give the garage a good scrubbing and cleaning, including dusting paint cans and polishing your power tools.
    • TIP: Properly dispose of any old paint cans, cleaners and other chemicals that are expired, rusty or beyond use.
  • Categorize and consolidate items that are similar, such as home management supplies or travel items and hanging vs. shelving items.
    • TIP: Keep things that are used together, stored together.
  • Designate piles for recycling, donations, garage sales and throw away items. Repair or create a list of things that need fixing.
    • TIP: Flatten and recycle boxes that are hard to store and take up too much space. Then rebuild them as you need them.

Stylish and efficient. In every corner.

Admit it! It feels great to be organized! Now it’s time to consider how you’ll maximize this space, increase your storing efficiency and reflect your style. Hoosier Closets, an ORG Home dealer, can design a garage storage system just for you that will transform your cluttered garage into an orderly, efficient and enjoyable space—and on your budget. From simple cabinet storage to hardworking workbenches, our home organization options are sure to fit your needs and goals. We offer custom cabinets in standard and wood grain finishes to complement your home, along with movable, durable storage racks, shelves, baskets and benches for storage from toys to tools and so much more.

Ready to take the de-cluttering challenge, and transform your garage from untidy to purposeful—from the complex to the simple? For a FREE design consultation, contact us at 317-440-6964.

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