With Memorial Day coming up this weekend, it looks like we are too late to get a flag pole in the ground. We love to wave the American flag, especially on important holidays. So it seems we will have to suffice with flying a smaller flag from a pole hanging on our address post.

When we finally get around to a more permanent solution, I found this great article on Houzz and will refer back to it for ideas.

While you’re over on the Houzz website take a look at Hoosier Closets’ page (http://www.houzz.com/photos/query/hoosier-closets).  We’ve been having fun adding projects and engaging with people who are looking to maximize their storage spaces.

As we celebrate the first long weekend of summer, we plan to relax and enjoy our family.  But, most importantly, we will remember those who died in service to our great country. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!