a home base for work and homework…

a hideout for mail and bills…

a fortress for your finances…

with plenty of room for everything.

  1. Maximize the wall space with shelved cabinets that display books, binders and photo albums.
  2. Make way for technology. Will you use a desktop monitor or a laptop? How will you connect to power and the web?
  3. Consider everyone and every way to use the space: homework, bill-paying, online shopping, work brought home. This may affect your choice of seating, work surface height and storage.
  4. Make an office at home anywhere by choosing styles and finishes that complement your decor.
  5. Don’t discount display: the photos and artwork that inspire you… and the reminder tools (tack board, marker board) that keep you on-task.
  6. Warehouse your waste basket, recycle box and paper shredder within easy reach.
  7. Augment any natural light with task lighting for your primary work area.