Ready to renew, refresh, or remodel? Why not start with the spaces you use the most? Whether it’s an accommodating entryway that welcomes family and guests, underused storage space in the garage, a closet for two or just for you, smart organization will keep your home looking its best every day of the year.
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ORG Home Custom Closet

 Show Your Wardrobe and Shoes Some Love

From casual to formal style to everyday wear, your closet is likely filled with clothing and shoes you love – and some you can do without. With the right storage solution and a few organizing tricks, you can transform an overflowing closet into a space where it’s easy to see, find, and store everything you own.

  • Designate personal storage space for each of you, from clothes to shoes and accessories
  • Celebrate your shoe collection with a Shoe Shrine® adjustable organizer that lets you organize all types of shoes and boots by height, color and style. You can readjust as styles and seasons change
  • Keep all your footwear visible at once so you can easily match shoes to your wardrobe
  • Use double hanging rods to separate tops from bottoms, making it quicker and easier to find what you need
  • Add a built in “dresser” to your closet with drawers to hold undergarments and socks

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ORG Home Shoe Organizer


Check Chaos at the Door

 Take control of your family’s shoes, hats, and outerwear with an efficient entryway closet that stops clutter in its tracks. Adjustable shelves, rods, and drawers keep everything you need organized near the door, so you can simply grab and go.

  • Create individual storage spaces to perfectly fit your family’s favorite shoes and boots with the Shoe Shrine® adjustable shoe organizer
  • Move the adjustable shelves up or down to organize shoes by season, style, or family member, and store little ones’ shoes on the bottom
  • Use open shelving to see and find items instantly
  • Include a bank of drawers with full-extension glides to easily access gloves, hats, or other small items while keeping them concealed for a tidy look
  • Create a display space for mementos and décor, adding a personal touch to your entryway
Entryway Closet with Shoe Organizer

Make a Clean Sweep in Your Garage

How do you keep all the items stored in your garage from overwhelming your space? Slatwall accessories make it simple to keep your garage neat and organized. Choose from a variety of hooks, baskets, and racks to create a custom organization system that keeps items off the floor and out of the way.
With a place for everything from sports equipment and hobby items to tools, cleaning supplies, and more, you can find what you need at a glance and easily put things back where they belong.
ORG Home slatwall accessories