Congratulations on your new home. New floors, fresh paint, updated kitchen. Everything is perfect, except for the wire storage system throughout the house. A home is the biggest expense in your life, why settle for low cost, inefficient, and let’s face it, unappealing wire storage.

What’s wrong with wire? It serves the purpose, but it doesn’t fully utilize your space. Here are our top ten reasons to RETIRE THE WIRE.

Before and after
  1. Shelves are too shallow

Wire closet systems are typically only 12 inches deep. Too shallow to fold your clothes or store some items in your pantry. Our closet shelves are a minimum 14 inches deep, plenty of room for folded clothes or storage bins. Pantry or linen shelves can be a customized depth.

2. They are prone to collapse

Have you ever had your closet system fail? Chances are it wasn’t properly bolted into the wall studs. When you put your heavy pantry items on the shelf or hang clothes on the “rod”, they just can’t handle the load. Of course, most closet fails happen in the middle of the night or on a weekend.

3. Grid marks on clothes

Not only are the shelves just a mere 12 inches deep, if you fold your items and place them on the shelf, you are left with the grid marks from the wire. Unless you go for that kind of look, it really isn’t appealing. And have you tried standing anything up on those wire shelves? Nope, just like the system, they all fall down!

4. Basic looking and inefficient

Most systems consist of one single rod and shelf in a closet. You are left with empty, unused space below the clothes and not enough support or room to place seasonal items on top. That’s just not an efficient use of your space!

5. Support bars block storage on shelves

A wire system is kept in place by unsightly support bars. You can’t really store anything under those bars, or hang clothes off them either. Although they have a (ill designed) purpose, the supports take up even more space than you can afford.

6. Surface is not level and items can move around or even fall off

Wire systems aren’t always level, especially when the support starts to fail. You’ll find yourself avoiding the end of the shelf since items will slide right off. Kinda reminds you of shopping at a discount store with clothes tightly packed. What happens then? Items start sliding off the rack.

7. Non-adjustable shelves

Cereal boxes aren’t always the same size, why would you expect your shelves to remain the same size? With adjustable shelves, you can find the room to store the tall and small items that utilize all the space in your pantry.

8. Non-adjustable rods

People come in all different shapes and sizes, and so do their clothes. Double hang is best for shirts, skirts and pants. Long hang for dresses and outerwear. With a wire system, you’re usually stuck with one shelf placement. Why settle?

9. Hangers don’t slide easily

You can place your items on those “rods,” but do your hangers slide easily? Moving items around on a wire system can be like walking through wet cement, clumsy and awkward. Not to mention, after repeated attempts at moving the clothes around, it can also tax the support system.

10. Inflexible system

A wire closet system is just that – wire. You can’t add additional shelves, doors, or drawers. Our closet system is completely adjustable, from movable rods and shelves, to adding (or even removing) drawers and doors. You can even add accessories such as tie racks, valet rod, laundry hamper and ironing board.

You think custom closets are expensive compared to wire? Not true. We design closets to fit every space, need and budget. You spent a pretty penny on your clothes, why not wisely spend your money on a closet that works for you! Call us today for a complementary consultation, design and estimate.