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If you’re a family in the Indianapolis area, all of these activities could happen in just one day. Trying to find balance with your schedule and your children’s? It may seem chaotic to some, but in your household, it’s a typical day. It can all run smoother with a customized mudroom “drop zone” for everyone.

What would be helpful is a way to get organized and plan ahead to get out the door on time. There are many options to create a drop zone, but an underutilized space is right by a door – your entryway. A mudroom can keep your family organized by storing backpacks, shoes, coats, sport bags and yes, even your car keys, all in one place.

This is more than just a foyer with hooks and a shoe bench. A custom mudroom storage can transform your life by helping you get organized and stay that way! And it’s a practical and stylish way to update your entryway.

Five Ways a Mudroom Can Improve Your Day

Mudroom in laundry room
  1. A Place For Everything

You have a lot of things and your kids definitely have a LOT of things. Ideally, you need a place to store the items in a neat and accessible way.  A designer can create a mudroom that suits the needs of your family. Many options include:

  • Lockers with or without doors
  • Stylish AND sturdy single or double hooks
  • Slide-out drawers
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Shoe cubbies

2. Your mudroom adjusts with the seasons

If you have a budding athlete, you know their sports may change with the season, and it doesn’t all fit into one bag. Why should your mudroom be a premade one from a big box store? A Hoosier Closets designer can create a space that fits the needs of YOUR family.

A mudroom carved out of a back closet.

3. Stick to your schedule

Your custom mudroom will help you get out the door on time. More importantly, no more running around gathering shoes, jackets, bags and backpacks. It’s all in one place in your mudroom. Each family member can even be assigned their own locker, hook or cubbie.

4. Plan Ahead

This may take some work, but once you establish a routine it will all fall into place. Teach each child to put their items in the mudroom as soon as they walk in the door. That way, it’s will all be there when they go back out the door for the next activity. Planning ahead is crucial.

5. Keep the rest of the house clean

Impossible? Not really. With a mudroom, shoes, backpacks, jackets and sports equipment won’t be underfoot. No more tripping over shoes, picking up jackets or locating backpacks since they will all be in their place in the mudroom. That’s why it’s called a mudroom—it keeps the mud away from the rest of your home.

Mudroom off garage

Carving out a underused entryway space can make at least one part of your life more organized! Call us today for a complementary consultation, design and estimate.