The New Function of a Garage

The garage is the first place you see before you enter the home, and the last place you stop on the way outside. Keep it looking clutter-free with a combination of open and closed storage that holds all your family’s gear for sports, yard work, projects, and playtime.

Where do you put groceries while opening the door? Are shoes, backpacks and jackets piled up at the back door?  Are sports bags smelling up the house? Nowadays, nearly every garage has a ‘drop zone.’ With a little space planning, the untidiest garage can be transformed into an organized, efficient, and usable space.

The Drop Zone

Let’s face it: between work, school and extra curricular activities, life is busy. Have you ever wanted a single place to corral shoes, backpacks, jackets, jackets, and sports bags?  A bench for putting on or taking off shoes?  A custom mudroom is the perfect solution.  Add hooks to keep coats and backpacks organized, maximize space with cubbyholes, and upper shelves to house additional items.  A mudroom is a great option just inside or outside of the garage entryway.

Storage Solutions for Seasonal Stuff

A greatly underutilized area is that space in the upper part of your garage, known as the elevation zone. Higher elevation areas are an excellent spot for seldom-used, large, lightweight items as well as coolers or Holiday decorations.  Meanwhile, lower, easy-to-reach zones can be used for kids’ stuff like sports equipment and outdoor toys.

Hang it up, put it away

Create specific storage zones in your garage. Slat walls for yard tools and sports equipment can optimize the wall area.  Adjustable holders can accommodate large items such as bikes, or smaller items such as hammers and other tools.  Cabinets provide easy access to and keep items out of sight, and each item is given a distinct storage unit designed for their size. Furthermore, these cabinets are sturdier in construction then a home cabinet. They offer larger hardware with easy-to-grasp drawer handles that can be opened and closed even with gloves on.

No matter what the size of your garage, there are many options to maximize the storage space AND have room for your car!