You would think designing a closet is easy…Handy? Great! Designed many closets? Maybe? Closet design is a unique business. It takes more than just looking at the space and putting up a few double hanging rods and shoe shelves. A consultant will look at how you currently use your space and discuss your vision. They’ll count every shoe, measure the hanging areas and crawl around your closet to look for hidden “features.”

Don’t make these mistakes on a DIY closet design and installation.

Shoes Galore

Let’s face it, our bodies may change in size, but our shoe size basically remains the same. The average woman has over 21 pairs of shoes at one time, and the average man about 12 pairs. Depending upon where you live, this may change as well. Warmer states – lots of sandals. Northern states – all different kinds of footwear for the elements. If you keep your shoes in your closet, or even in a hallway closet, you will need space to keep them organized.

One Size does NOT fit all

Everyone has their own personal style and taste in clothes. Some people love dresses, others are strictly jeans and pants. Some collect sweatshirts and various hats, others it may be all about the shirts, skirts, suits and accessories. Shouldn’t your closet be designed to fit YOUR needs?

Retire that wire

If you have wire or a single shelf in your closet, they are usually only 12 inches deep. With shallow shelves, folded items might hang over the edge, forcing you to triple fold your clothes and taking up more vertical space. Also, the wire can leave grid marks on your clothes, or cause items to fall through. Professional closet systems are a minimum 14 inches deep, leaving you with plenty of space to double fold items on your shelf.

Tight Squeeze

It can seem like closets are an afterthought for many builders. Sometimes they have strange angles, unusual window placements, or so narrow that you feel like you need to walk in sideways. It can be a challenge to get dressed in your closet with the huge dresser you dragged in there, but with a custom designed closet, everything is accessible with room to spare. This makes it much easier to get ready for your day.


“I never saw that light switch!” A closet holds more than just your clothes. There are air vents, electrical outlets, light fixtures, security system and cable boxes, or maybe a pipe or two if the wall is shared with a bathroom. Which way does the door swing, or is it a pocket door? A professional closet consultant will look for all of these obstacles and factor them into a design so you don’t have to move your clothes to turn on the light.


My builder used a trim carpenter

That’s just it – a trim carpenter. Everything is “trimmed” to fit the space. Are your shelves adjustable to different heights? Can you move your rods up or down? Can you add accessories such as a valet rod, tie rack or laundry baskets? With a custom closet system, instead of changing your needs to fit the space, you can change the space to fit your needs.

Use all the space

You created the perfect design, and after installation, discover you can’t hang the clothes because there isn’t enough room in the corners. A consultant will know where to put hanging and shelves to efficiently maximize the space in your closet.

Oh no it didn’t

Installing your new closet isn’t just nailing it to the wall. Space planning is crucial in making sure that once your closet is up, it stays up. Experienced installers secure the support bracket directly into the wall studs, because you need a secure foundation to hold up the system and your clothes.

I can buy this at a home supply center or online!

It’s tempting to same some $ by purchasing your closet at the home supply center or online. That is, until your closet is invaded by children and they use the shelves as a step ladder. This is due to the fact that a store purchased closet system isn’t very thick. A professional closet system is a minimum 3/4 inch thick, usually with a lifetime warranty. While it isn’t recommended to stand on the shelves, our system should withstand the weight.

I have the time

You’re able bodied, can read directions and can install almost anything. Do you want to take the time to design, purchase the product and haul it home to install? And what about broken or missing parts? In your busy life, do you want to dedicate a weekend (or two or three) installing a closet? With a professional closet company, all you have to do is approve the design, move your clothes and we’ll take care of the rest! Installation usually takes less than a day.

If you are still determined to to it yourself, we wish you all the best. However, we cover everything: from design, to installation, to lifetime warranty. All you have to do is step back and enjoy your newly organized closet. https://hoosierclosets.com/closets/