The Laundry Room – a love and hate relationship. What thoughts come to mind?  A sorting place for lights and darks? A dedicated area for cleaning supplies? An open space for sorting and folding clothes? Yes to all and MORE!

A laundry room can be many things, a mudroom room, a work station, a pantry overflow, and even a place to wash, fold and iron your clothes. All you need is a little creative thinking to make the space work for you and your needs.

So, whether your laundry room is a spacious with lots of storage, or a side by side in a closet, keeping the space organized is key. Start out by decluttering the space and assessing what the space is used for. Coat and backpack storage? Extra space to store the items purchased from a retail warehouse, or a place to house your cleaning supplies,

 If your laundry area is overrun with clutter, laundry chores will be more difficult and take longer and no one wants that. These organizational tips will help you get the actual area used for laundry under control and with just a few minutes of effort every month or so, keep the space manageable.

What is on your laundry room checklist?
  • A dedicated workspace for folding, flat-drying and stain removal. If you have front load washer and dryer, we can build a folding area across the top.
  • Wire baskets that allow air-flow needed for ventilation and drying—and permit you to see what you’ve stored
  • Lined, divided baskets hold and hide sorted laundry until you’re ready to do the next load of lights or darks. You can even offer a basket for each family member
  • Conceal cleansers out of the sight and reach of younger children. Use that space above your washer and dryer to keep these items easy for you to reach and too high for little ones.
  • Rods and shelves array garments awaiting a press or hand-wash. Hanging over a sink is a perfect place for items that need to be line dried
  • A fold-out ironing board is easily pressed into service, but saves space when not in use.
  • Color! Have fun with this room with bold colored appliance or cabinets. See the before and after transformation.