Built-In Spaces

A home’s architecture often provides unique spaces, alcoves and corners that are just right for a built-in storage solution.

Whether the space was planned for a built-in piece or is in an awkward spot, we will design a made-to-fit solution that fits perfectly. We provide custom cabinets, shelves and countertops that will blend beautifully with your home.

We can tailor the look of custom built-in living spaces with nice touches like trim, glass, and decorative hardware to give you the look you want along with the function you need in that space. Some of the key functional uses for built-in designs include:

Customizable Entertainment Centers

Our flexible shelving and cabinet systems are designed to fit televisions and A/V equipment, and are a great solution for storing all your DVDs, CDs and electronics.

Built-In Bookcases

Showcase your books and other collectibles with custom bookcases.

Dining Room Storage

We create hutches and dining room cabinets to complement your dining area.

Fit All of Your Hobbies

We can create a functional space to support your hobby. Whether you need work or play surfaces, storage cabinets or specialized accessories, we can design something that suits your passions.

Tips for Creating Beautiful Built-In Storage

  1. Work with the architecture of your home and design custom built-ins that take advantage of unique features and spaces.
  2. Determine your priorities between capacity, function, style, and cost.
  3. Overcome tricky and odd-shaped spaces by having a special built-in designed just for that spot.
  4. Add beautiful storage space and function with a custom bookcase or entertainment unit.
  5. Integrate a built-in cabinet or shelving unit with your space by adding trim, complementary colors/finishes and decorative hardware.

Decorative Touches

Choose from a range of decorative touches to give your space just the right look.

Colors & Finishes

Choose the perfect finish for your space.


High-quality decorative touches.


A look for every space.

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