Hoosier Closets distinguishes ourselves through the design process. We work to provide superior designs that ideally suit you and your space. Many customers have not had custom closets previously, so it’s challenging to understand what makes one design better than another.

What is Superior Design?

Simply put, a superior design is one that meets and exceeds your expectations for how it functions and looks when you use it. Designs can look good on paper, but the real proof is based on your actual use of the space.

In reviewing a design, we make it clear how the space will work well for you and why the design addresses your needs. It’s easy to fall for a design that looks beautiful, but it still needs to function well for you. Certainly, a highly functional design can also be aesthetically pleasing.

Our expertise allows us to design spaces that are highly functional and aesthetically appealing. Superior design means paying attention to the details. We make sure the design fits your possessions and makes them accessible. We pay attention to spacing so the room is used efficiently but isn’t crowded. We pay attention to the details because that makes all the difference in your use and enjoyment of the space.

What are the Keys to Providing Better Designs?

First, and foremost, our designs are a collaborative process. We work closely with you to fully understand what you want and need. We share ideas and discuss the possibilities with you. There are companies who simply run through a checklist of what you want and then they provide a quick and basic design that you can take or leave. We spend the time getting to know you and work to understand your space and situation. Then we create the design together so it becomes your design.

Second, we spend more time working to understand how you use the space and assessing what you need to store and access in the space. Most customers want to make better use of their space and increase the available storage. That’s why our designs maximize the function and capacity of the room.

Third, your design is fully customized to fit your space, your needs and your budget. To accomplish this, we take a balanced approach to designing your space.  We ensure that your design optimizes:

  • Capacity – how much and what it stores
  • Function – what it does
  • Style – what it looks like
  • Cost – how it fits your budget

We discuss each of these dimensions and help you make any needed tradeoffs. When completed, your design provides just the ideal balance for you and your space.

Complimentary Design and Estimate

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