Laundry can seem like a never-ending task, but you can make this hard-working space a more productive and enjoyable area. We design laundry rooms and laundry storage space to make all your tasks easier.

Make Laundry Easier

Designing the right space makes all your laundry tasks more wrinkle-free.

Tips for Creating a Productive Laundry Room

  1. Determine what functionality is important – sorting, folding, drying, ironing, storing – and set priorities.
  2. Eliminate supplies you don’t use and assess how much storage you really need.
  3. Consider adding a tall floor cabinet if you need to store a vacuum along with brooms and mops.
  4. Define whether your space should be utilitarian, stylish, or something in-between.
  5. If you have a front loading washer/dryer, explore adding a folding table over the top to provide more work space.
  6. Create shelf space for your laundry baskets or have pull-out baskets added below your work surface.

Decorative Touches

Choose from a range of decorative touches to give your space just the right look.

Colors & Finishes

Choose the perfect finish for your space.


High-quality decorative touches.


A look for every space.

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