Our Process

An Easy and Enjoyable Experience

Getting a great result depends on a proven and consistent process. Working with Hoosier Closets is an easy and enjoyable experience because we have a tried and true process and a service oriented team.


For a more detailed breakdown of our process, walk through the steps below.

Step 1 - Consult
Your free design consultation begins with a discussion of the space you want to remodel.  We talk about how you use the space today and how you would like to use it.  We consider what activities take place there and what items you need to store. We assess what works for you currently and what doesn’t. We hear your ideas for special features and style choices. If you have examples that inspire you, we want to see them. And we share examples of our work to spark ideas and gain a shared vision for what you like and want.

After this discussion, we measure the space and take careful note of all the items to be stored. We count shoes and measure the length of garments. We note all the different types of items you have with an eye toward creating spaces and organization for each one.

After discussing the inputs with you and carefully reviewing the space, we share some initial ideas. Once we have gathered all the input, we can either start your design while in your home or we will set up a follow-up appointment to come back in a few days to share the designs with you.

Step 2 - Design

Our design approach focuses on integrating all your needs with our knowledge of good space design and construction requirements. If the space fits everything but makes accessing your items difficult, then it won’t work for you. And some designs may be possible to draw but can be difficult or costly to build. Our design approach ensures that designs are appealing to you and feasible to build.

Optimizing Your Priorities

Good design is also the process of striking the right balance between your different needs and priorities.  Specifically, our designs optimize:

  • Capacity = What do you need to store and how much?
  • Function = What do you need to do in the space?
  • Aesthetics = How do you want the space to look?
  • Cost = How can the design meet your budget and priorities?

Visualizing with 3-D Design Software

We use 3-D design software to present your designs so you can clearly see how your space will look. We apply your design choices including colors and styles to bring your design to life. We’ll talk about specific dimensions and highlight all the unique features. And we will show you the specific materials in your design so you will know the color and texture.

Unlike some closet companies that show you pencil drawings on paper, we make it clear and visually appealing with a 3-D model so you know just what to expect.

Collaborating Makes for Better Design

Our design process is collaborative. We don’t do a design and then sell you on it. We share a design with you to get your feedback and then refine it as needed. And we’ll keep refining it until it’s just as you desire. Once the design is just right, we proceed with getting it built and installed for you.

Step 3 - Prepare
With the design finalized, an order is placed for the materials. Hoosier Closets is an ORG Home dealer, so our manufacturing partner fabricates each part to the exact specifications provided by the design. With over 170 dealers nationally, and a world-class manufacturing facility in Michigan, ORG Home sources the best quality materials and processes them with precision. Once the components of your custom product are received, we do some initial assembly work and prepare the materials for your installation.

Homeowner’s Role in Preparation

As we are preparing for your installation, you have a role in getting the space prepared. Your Designer will discuss preparation requirements with you.

If you currently have a wood closet system in place, your Designer will have talked with you about having those materials removed prior to installation. With wood shelving and rods, the tear out process can cause damage to your walls. You will want the materials to be removed by a handyman or other contractor if you don’t do it yourself. Then any damage or holes can be repaired as needed. You can also arrange to paint the space if you don’t do it yourself. When you complete this essential preparation work, our team will have a clean and clear space in which to install your project. And this will allow us to do our very best work for you.

If you have a wire shelving or closet system, our Installers will be able to remove that on the day of installation. You do not need to remove the wire system unless you want to paint prior to the installation. In either case, make sure to remove all the contents from the space so the Installers can get right to work.

Step 4 - Install
Toward the end of the week, prior to the week of your installation, we will send an email confirmation. You should have the space prepared or have arranged to prepare the space so that it’s ready prior to the day of installation. On the morning of the installation, our Installer will call you to confirm a specific arrival time.

During the installation, there is generally not anything that the homeowner needs to do. If a question arises, the Installer will consult with the homeowner before proceeding. And, if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Step 5 - Enjoy
The best part of a custom home storage and organization project is seeing the result and using the space each day. Much effort goes into the process to ensure you will enjoy the space for years to come. If anything changes with your needs or you want to make a modification to your system, just let us know. Whether you need some extra shelves or want to add drawers, we are happy to see customers and have the opportunity to keep their space in tune with their needs.

Complimentary Design and Estimate

Request a free, no obligation consultation with one of our designers!

We will discuss your needs and assess your space. Then we'll prepare your custom design and quote for that space.