A tasteful addition to any kitchen, a custom pantry will keep you organized and help you better manage meal prep and food storage. Our kitchen pantry solutions maximize your storage and make it easier to keep track of what you have and what you need.

Customized Storage for Pantry Essentials

We configure shelving to fit any space in order to store items of all shapes and sizes. We also create work surfaces to provide room for food prep and can supplement your space with additional cabinets for cookware and small appliances.

Plus, specialized accessories like baskets, pull-out drawers, wine racks and shelf dividers make storing and accessing food, supplies and cooking tools easy.

Tips for Creating a Functional Pantry

  1. Determine your priorities between capacity, function, style, and cost.
  2. Free up kitchen space with deeper cabinets to store small kitchen appliances, cook wear and infrequently-used items.
  3. Increase accessibility with pull-out drawers and baskets, especially in deeper spaces.
  4. Ensure enough clearance from floor to first shelf or top shelf to the ceiling for bulk and taller items.
  5. Identify specific items to store and choose specialty accessories for them.
  6. Request corner shelves to maximize space utilization and add depth for storage.

Decorative Touches

Choose from a range of decorative touches to give your space just the right look.

Colors & Finishes

Choose the perfect finish for your space.


High-quality decorative touches.


A look for every space.

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