How can you tell the difference between a high-quality custom storage system and one that is not as well-made? At Hoosier Closets, we provide premier quality in our custom closets and storage solutions. There are four key components to consider in assessing quality:


  • Superior materials, hardware and accessories
  • High standards for designing and installing
  • Options for upgrades
  • Extended warranty and responsive support
Superior Materials
We use industry-leading materials in all our projects. The primary material we use is called melamine. Melamine is a high-density particle board with a laminate that is sealed tightly around the board in high heat. Our melamine uses a type of particle board called furniture board, which is the strongest option available.

While most melamine is ¾” thick, there are some companies that use 5/8,” which can bow when too much weight is placed on it. We use ¾” thick and offer thicker options including 1 1/8” and 2”.

You’ll see that our laminates have a rich, authentic look. We have textured options that provide a highly realistic look as well (link to Colors and Finishes page). Pay close attention to the quality of the laminate. Lesser quality laminate will have a cheap, plastic appearance rather than a rich, natural look

And our drawer boxes are sturdier than most in the industry. They have mitered edges which are glued and doweled closed. These provide a much sturdier and more durable product than drawers that are simply stapled. We also offer dovetail drawers for an even higher quality option.

High Standards for Design and Installation
Hoosier Closets systems are better by design. We utilize the highest standards when designing our solutions so they perform to your expectations and provide long-lasting performance. Just like there are differences in the quality of home construction, high-quality custom closets and storage projects follow certain standards.

1. Use Industry Standard 14” Deep Shelves

You should insist on 14” deep shelves. Wire shelving systems, builder-grade shelving and some closet companies rely on 12” shelving. This makes for lower cost, but the product doesn’t function as well. If you fold clothes and put them on a 12” shelf, they may not fit neatly and might extend past the edge, presenting a disorganized look. Additionally, a 12” shelf provides much less capacity than 14”. Whatever you store on a shelf whether in a pantry, closet or laundry, wouldn’t you rather have more capacity than less?

2. Avoid Long Spans for Shelves and Wardrobe Rods

Custom closets are arranged in sections which usually have different widths. The sections allow you to fit and organize your belongings. If a section is too long, there can be too much weight so the shelf or wardrobe rod can bow. When the sections are appropriately-sized, you get enough sections to stay organized while ensuring that nothing sags or looks overcrowded. Some companies rely on longer spans to keep costs lower, but you’ll have a lower quality system that will not perform to your satisfaction.

3. Build to a Height that Suits the Space

The height of a custom storage system depends on the capacity you want and height of the ceiling. Typically, the top shelf will allow 12” – 18” of clearance to the ceiling. If your current shelving or new design has more than that, you are not taking full advantage of the available space. We work with you to define the right height for your system so you don’t come up short on capacity or your expectations.

4. Use High-Quality Hardware

Using heavy-duty hardware, like hinges, drawer-slides, and fasteners may seem like a small detail, but it makes all the difference in how your storage system functions and holds up over time. We use the proven hardware to ensure long-lasting, trouble-free products. We also offer upgrades like soft-close doors and drawers if you want added convenience and durability.

5. Provide Products that Meet Sustainability Standards

The particleboard used in manufacturing our products meets the formaldehyde emission standards currently in place by both ANSI and CARB.

Option for Upgrades
In addition to our high-quality standards, we offer several premium upgrades that you can consider. Ask your designer to learn more about these options.


Thicker Edge Banding The front of shelves and vertical supports have a band on them. We offer a thicker edge band option which creates a richer, more polished look. This feature also adds a slightly rounded appearance to the front of the shelving.
Dovetail Drawers


We offer drawer boxes with dovetailed joints. These provide the most durable construction for holding heavier contents and providing the longest lifespan.
Soft Close Doors and Drawers


Our doors and drawers can be outfitted with soft close hinges and slides.
Wood Veneer In addition to our line of laminated finishes, we have a maple and cherry veneer option. These can be stained to match your other cabinets and wood surfaces.
Extended Warranty and Responsive Support
As an ORG Home dealer, our products are manufactured using the highest quality materials to exact tolerances. Our products include a limited lifetime residential warranty. ORG Home warrants that the products you purchased will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the normal lifetime of the products when used for single-family residential use. We will repair or replace any component of the products you purchased at no charge, if it is defective.

Additionally, as a highly reputable local business, Hoosier Closets stands behind our projects and installation. Should you ever have a concern, question, or problem, we will provide the most responsive and attentive service to ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

Complimentary Design and Estimate

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