Why Us?

Experience is the Difference

Every customer interaction with Hoosier Closets is focused on ensuring an exceptional experience. Since 2005, we have taken pride in delighting customers and have established an outstanding reputation. We distinguish ourselves in giving customers the highest value by combining three essential components:

Key Components

What You Get

What We Do

Superior Design We provide superior designs that ideally suit you and your space
  • We collaborate with you to fully understand what you want and need
  • Our designs maximize the function and capacity of your space
  • Your design is fully customized to fit your space, personal style and budget
Exceptional Service We make the extra effort to ensure you are delighted
  • We are focused on your total satisfaction from the first call through install
  • We make the process easy and convenient by coming to your home
  • We go beyond your expectations and look for novel ways to add value
Premier Quality We deliver the best quality materials and end product
  • We only use industry leading materials and components
  • We offer upgrades and options that provide an even higher quality project
  • We provide a warranty on our projects for as long as you own your home

When you work with Hoosier Closets, you will get a space that suits you by maximizing function and capacity and an easy experience that delights you from start to finish. 94% of our customers would recommend us!


Our Principles

Customer Driven - Putting Customer Needs First
We are always customer driven. Doesn’t that sound a bit obvious? You’d think so until you realize how few companies actually are truly customer focused. Being customer driven means we put your needs and interests first. One of our founding principles is to always treat customers the way we want to be treated. It’s easy to say, but you certainly seen plenty of companies that don’t act that way. It’s as simple as showing up on time for appointments. It’s as hard as owning up to a mistake, taking responsibility and making it right. It’s always about doing the right thing for the customer even if it’s not beneficial for us. It also means that we spend more time trying to understand what you really need. We ask deeper questions. By determining how you use a particular space and what you like and don’t like, we get insights that allow us create better designs for you. We are often told by customers that they “hadn’t thought of that” or that they “didn’t realize they could do it that way.” As storage and organization experts, we know how to listen carefully and identify ways to go beyond what you expect. Finally, we don’t have a preconceived idea for what you should have. We don’t sell you what we want to sell you. And we don’t push something on you because it’s how we manufacture it. We have competitors who do both. We give you choices and don’t lock you in to our way of doing things. We understand you and your situation. Then we do it “your way” by proposing the best solution for your unique needs.
Customized - Designing Solutions that Fit YOU
Because you and your home are unique, we fully customize our solutions. Your space, situation and preferences are distinct, so we provide flexible choices that fit you. When you work with your designer, you will discuss the different options and experience how we create a design just for you.
Creative - Unique Solutions to Unique Challenges
Oftentimes, the best results come from taking the less obvious route. Solving challenging space problems requires taking different perspectives and generating multiple options. We know there’s more than one way to design a space, so we think through the options to come up with the best one for you. It’s not really difficult to design a space. It takes a creative approach and experience to design a great space.

Complimentary Design and Estimate

Request a free, no obligation consultation with one of our designers!

We will discuss your needs and assess your space. Then we'll prepare your custom design and quote for that space.